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2 thoughts on “The Four Major Search Engines on Privacy

  1. Jose I. Icaza says:

    How many people do I have to trust “not to be evil”?

    ( From the google answers to Cnet’s questions:

    Given a list of search terms, can you produce a list of people who searched for that term, identified by IP address and/or cookie value?
    Langdon: Yes. We can associate search terms with IP addresses and cookies, but not with users’ names unless they are registered with Google.)

    How many people inside Google have access to that information?

  2. gregbo says:

    That’s actually a very interesting and important question. Certainly, all of the people who have access to the front end web servers have access to it. People who process the web server logs have access to it. Other people (e.g. relevancy engineers) may have access to it as well. Operations staff who are responsible for backing up the systems that store the logs have access to it. You get the idea …