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Click Fraud Raises Its Cyclical Head

By - February 02, 2006

When the press cycle is down on you, folks look to pile on. CNBC has discovered the click fraud story, for example, claiming that the SEC is looking into it. Or, well, rather….it’s “On their radar.” Well….actually….We need to be clear here: There is no formal or informal investigation of click fraud at any major search engine company, whether it’s Google, Yahoo or Microsoft. But with so much in the news, it’s only a matter of time.”

OK, wake me when the news actually breaks, guys.

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So…This Mean Quaero Is a No Go?

By - February 01, 2006

A boatload of European publishers claim search engines are “building [their business] on the back of kleptomania.”

From the FT: The group of publishers, which includes the International Publishers’ Association, the European Federation of Magazine Publishers and Agence France Presse, is seeking meetings with Charlie McCreevy, the European Union’s internal market commissioner, and Viviane Reding, the commissioner responsible for media. It would not rule out legal action to enforce copyright or “collective action.”….

….Mr O’Reilly likened the initiative to the conflict between the music industry and illegal file-sharing websites and said it was not a sign that publishers had failed to create a competitive online business model of their own.

“I think newspapers have developed very compelling web portals and news channels but the fact here is that we’re dealing with basic theft,” he said.

Oh Please!
Stop driving in the rear view mirror, folks.

Wall Street..

By -

Tom wrote: “Wall Street Misses Google Numbers Again

That’s what the headline should be…”

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