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Links to Love

By - February 15, 2006

MSN offers free prizes for searching.

Google launches a Google China Blog. It’s Chinese to me. But they do give me link love, which is quite nice. Barry posts on SEW that the first posts seem to be about Valentine’s Day. Not exactly topical.

Another trademark suit a la American Blinds and Geico, Check N Go. (via Cnet)

AOL wants in on the “American Chinese” market. Timing, anyone?

Many folks have noticed that Google is testing click to call.


Mat says: Check out shark jumping through internet history. Maybe “jumping the shark” has…er…jumped the shark? (And no, I wasn’t flaming Google, I was speaking from personal experience.)

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2 thoughts on “Links to Love

  1. James Omdahl says:

    When you get a chance, I would love to hear your thoughts on MSN and Yahoo!’s decision to use incentives to get people to use their search. To me it seems like a desperate and misguided move to catch up with Google.

    As an AdCenter and Y!SM advertiser, I am afraid what this is going to mean for click quality – especially if incentives are somehow tied to clicking on sponsored listings.

  2. Dan says:

    Google is testing click to call, but while there keeping it a secret, folks may want to check out a live demo of how Amazon A9’s been deploying it.