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Krugle Launches

By - February 06, 2006

A search engine for code and code related information, another domain specific search play. Launching today at the DEMO show.

As commentor Gary noted, there is already (covered here), but Krugle CEO Steve Larsen told me that he feels his new engine is more robust…

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9 thoughts on “Krugle Launches

  1. Teddie says:

    That is exactly what I have been looking for ages. Always surprised me that Google never did this before now.

  2. Teddie says:

    typo: looking for, for ages

  3. gary says: looks similar to this. Krugle seems to do more with tagging/saving your searches, and from the screenshots seems to search blog posts and articles in addition to publicly available code.

  4. Also see

  5. TagMan says:

    What need is there for a site like Krugle when you have sites like (strange name but useful site) and

  6. Brian McNitt says:

    You can sign up to try the Beta at:


  7. Arturo says:

    Why wait for Krugle when Koders already exits? And they have plugins too for VS and Eclipse. I don’t use Google now with the Koders in my IDE. See here.

    A smart tool for programmers.

  8. Richard, sites like freshmeat and sourceforge don’t search all of the code and the world of technical sites for related information. I.e., in terms of finding things, they are basically just project directories — not search engines.

  9. wheresthebeef says:

    Kurgle is a landing page? Go to the site and sign up to use the beta in a month! Sorry Krugle, but I won’t be hyped or manipultated. Like others have said, Koders and docjar already exist so why wait for Krugle to get thier act together. Furthermore, nobody likes to be teased.

    Krugle’s non-traditional PR strategy put the hype before the product and now developers are dissapointed all over the world, and risked a backlash. I’ve seen a few posts where some are saying “boycott krugle”.