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Om Says: Watch Google Video Announcement

By - January 04, 2006

So Larry Page is giving a keynote at CES this Friday, which is what got the whole Google Cube/PC thing fibrillating, but Om thinks what he’s going to launch is some kind of Google Video enhancement/deal.

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7 thoughts on “Om Says: Watch Google Video Announcement

  1. Joe Hunkins says:

    Call me old school, but I can’t help but think the current obsession with internet video will prove costly in terms of clogging up networks and will not gain mass popularity for some time.

    The information internet is revolutionary while the video internet is simply a change in formats with probable reduction in the quality of signal and content.

    I say the big deals will result in “no big deal”.

  2. Markus says:

    Something big is definately up, since the 3rd i’m seeing a lot of traffic from strange Google IP’s that are flowing through GOOGLE prefixed servers located at my ISP.

    The useragents of traffic coming to my site are all over the map, and the refering URLs are all from my competitors sites or search results related to my site or from msn beta. So far it seems to be Canada only.

  3. Joe Hunkins says:

    Markus the video announcement and what you’re seeing are not related – Google’s in the process of unleashing changes to the search index and what you are seeing are the bots simply doing their job categorizing the content of the web.

  4. Does it really matter? All these “predictions” from all over the blogosphere? What really matter is “fact”. If he gets it right that the announcement is about video vs. the cube, fine, and if he doesn’t, fine too. Go Longhorns!

  5. Markus says:

    These aren’t spiders Bots do not randomly insert URL’s of competitors and websearches into the referer string. All Google bots also contain a googlebot user agent.

    This is something totally different. IP is

    Its being routed Via

  6. J. Michael says:

    Mr. Battelle,
    In the book “The Search” you mentioned that the internet has no archival memory. Here is vintage Google homepage 1998.

  7. Tom Foremski says:

    So…John, I was just wondering….you get pre-briefed by Google on the video announcement and then point to Om’s scoop…no connection?!