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Google's Waterloo

By - January 06, 2006

Gary discovers a Waterloo, Canada based company that Google purchased – mobile software, including browsing and email. I must say, it must not suck to be Google if you’re in charge of biz dev.

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5 thoughts on “Google's Waterloo

  1. Douglass Turner says:


    You like many Silicon Valley types gush endlessly about the potential of mobile. I think you should understand the dynamics of the industry a bit more. For example the often unmentioned porting costs:

    What you want to be watching for is when Google/Yahoo! pull the trigger on an MVNO. There is NO money in mobile apps/content unless you have far more leverage with the carriers. Only an MVNO does that.

    Doug Turner
    skype: dduuggllaa

  2. Markus says:

    I talked to the head of a major mobile company the other day, he said there is very little overlap between users of the internet who have computers and users of cell phones that surf the web.

    Also i noticed Google is embeding image search into the standard search results is this new?,GGLD:2005-12,GGLD:en&q=age+of+empires+3

  3. domain says:

    hi John,

    i think google works hard on the imagesside
    i now google make also a contract with the owner

  4. Andre says:

    “Also i noticed Google is embeding image search into the standard search results is this new?”

    no markus, since some weeks testing google sometimes the advertises with images.

    it looks good, for a little time a new optic, in some month the same adsense *g*

    no new unneeded traffic in our web 🙁

  5. rashmi says:

    I can’t wait to see google’s MVNO rollout, which would make perfect sense for such a universal brand. ESPN awaits, Virgin tried, but google may conquer and so can Apple.