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Paid Content on Jonathan Rosenberg

By - December 07, 2005

…who spoke at an investor conference yesterday.

From it:

— On negotiations wtith AOL: “AOL is obviously one of our largest and long-time partners and I’m not going to provide any other comments or color.”

— On Google Print Ads: It’s a “category in very nascent stages. … We’ve done all sorts of tests her; there’s a danger looking at the tests and saying, ‘oh, it won’t work.'”

— A warning: “Don’t focus on the limited number of things you can see.” In other words, when you see a certain kind of ad, it may be just a test, not a new direction.

— Hiring process has changed: Google is hiring so many people it’s halted the process of having every resume reviewed by CEO Eric Schmidt and his staff; instead it’s been divvied up between engineer and non-engineer resumes for groups withinm senior leadership to review. Rosenberg says Larry Page still reviews them all.

Pay per call: “Interesting model. … Our general experience has been the more we show advertisers specifically the results we’re delivering the more they spend. … I think we will see cost per call increasingly more successful.”

Google Book Search: “Print is kind of another example of one of these big category shifts. I like to think it’s like Kennedy talking about putting men on the moon … “

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One thought on “Paid Content on Jonathan Rosenberg

  1. According to this Filing – AOL is responsible for 10% to 12% of Google’s Revenue!