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MSFT, Google Settle Dr. Lee Suit

By - December 22, 2005

This is all I got, and email from Google PR:

As you know, a trial date had been set for Jan. 9 in the litigation between

Google, Dr. Kai-Fu Lee and Microsoft regarding a one-year non-compete

period. The parties have settled and have the following statements:

“Microsoft, Dr. Lee and Google have reached an agreement that settles their

pending litigation. The Parties have entered into a private agreement that

resolves all issues to their mutual satisfaction. The terms of the

agreement are confidential and all parties have agreed to make no other

statements to the media regarding it. We are pleased with the terms of the

settlement agreement.”

- David Drummond, Google vice president corporate development and general


“I am pleased with the terms of the settlement agreement.”

- Dr. Kai-Fu Lee, president, engineering, product and public affairs, Google


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