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Yahoo Debuts New Search/List Driven Shopping

By - November 15, 2005

It’s the “Shoposphere.” From the blog posting:

The Shoposphere and Pick Lists are examples of social commerce. We believe the community of shoppers is one of the best sources for product information and advice. The Shoposphere is a place to discover interesting and cool products thematically arranged into Pick Lists by other shoppers.

Meanwhile, the LA Times has a piece (reg required) on how the Hollywood culture is clashing with Yahoo’s culture in its new Santa Monica offices.

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3 thoughts on “Yahoo Debuts New Search/List Driven Shopping

  1. Greg Linden says:

    How is Yahoo’s Shoposphere different than Listmania?

    Looks nearly identical to me. Amazon has had Listmania for at least a few years.

  2. Scott says:

    Agreed. It’s Listmania with a few extra features and a more challenging interface for adding products.

  3. mach says:

    The challenge with Amazon’s Listmania or Yahoo! Shoposphere is that they confine you to one single web property. We at Kaboodle have just launched a product focused on helping users make collaborative decisions for shopping, travel, local restaurants and other dimensions of their life. Yahoo!’Shoposphere and Amazon’s Listmania validate the fact that increasingly users rely on each other to help them find the right information. The power of Kaboodle is that it works with ANY site on the web including Yahoo! Shopping, eBay, Amazon,,, etc. We believe giving user the freedom to include anything from anywhere as they short list products/services, create top lists or deal hunt is the right approach for empowering the consumer. The key to opening this choice up is our dynamic information extraction and summarizing engine that provides powerful capabilities to the user with a very simple easy to use interface.