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Yahoo Shows Slider Between "Shopping" and "Research" Results

By - October 07, 2005

YahoosliderRight now, Prabhakar Raghavan is showing a cool slider widget that fliters results in real time giving the fabled second hit of user input into results. This is not new, from what I can tell, but the first time I saw it. Cool.

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5 thoughts on “Yahoo Shows Slider Between "Shopping" and "Research" Results

  1. Cashmore says:

    No, this isn’t new – I remember playing with it a while back. It’s pretty cool, though.

  2. Do all searches fit in either research or shopping? Seems slightly limiting….

  3. aaron wall says:

    >Do all searches fit in either research or shopping? Seems slightly limiting….

    Well searches are usually clasifed as one of the following groups:
    navigational (people looking for official sites by thier name, for example eBay is a huge volume navigational search term)
    transactional (shoppingish)
    informational (research)

    surely there are other ways to classify search beyond those, but from what I have seen thusfar those are the main ones that keep showing up in whatever research and whitepapers that try to classify search.

  4. Gary Price says:

    Yes, John it’s been around for several months and is cool. Here’s an overview from its debut on May 27, 2005.

    In the overview you’ll read about a similar tool that Yahoo Shopping has been making available for 2 years called SmartSort. It allows you to manipulate reviews of 9 diff consumer electronic products to find the product that works best for your needs. You can go direct to SmartSort at

  5. T Campbell says:

    I addressed the idea of searches that didn’t fit into shopping or research here:

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