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Yahoo Debuts Trip Planner

By - October 26, 2005

The Travel sector heats up. From the Yahoo blog:

What if, instead of having to do all your own research on “Paris hotels” and “wine tasting in France,” you could enter a single search and get a fully formed trip, courtesy of a fellow traveler, back? Even better, one that you could use to help plan your own trip—copying and changing it to fit your needs?

That’s the idea behind Trip Planner, now available in beta on Yahoo! Travel.

Trip Planner is a new tool that helps you organize your travel research from Yahoo! Travel and all over the Web to a trip plan. Save hotels, attractions, and useful web sites into your trip plan, then add your own notes, tags, driving directions and more. When you’re done, you can share your trip with a few friends or with the entire Yahoo! Travel community.

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2 thoughts on “Yahoo Debuts Trip Planner

  1. Adam says:

    Yay, this is very cool. I think yahoo needs to make this link easier to find.

  2. Andrew Lin says:

    The idea of being able to search for fully-formed trip itineraries, then be able to copy and change them as you see fit is an intriguing one. Using a specialized and well-designed web interface to help a person plan their trip is a good idea to begin with. Augment that with the social aspects of sharing on the web, simply brilliant! At least, we at TripTie think so….

    Quite a few months back, we had a very similar inspiration. Honestly, it was brought about by a disdain for planning travel: not only doing research on the web (for places to go to in Japan), but trying to whittle down options from our numerous guidebooks, pamphlets, and but of course, TripAdvisor. From that day forth, we set out to build something to aid the travel planners just like us. At the time, there was nothing of its kind….now, there is Yahoo Trip Planner. Soon, there will be TripTie. Indeed, the Travel sector just got hotter.