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Seattle, Ho – Meet Up Plans

By - October 09, 2005

SeattleI’ll be heading up to Seattle Monday bright and early, to speak at both Microsoft and Amazon. I return Tuesday afternoon. We don’t have a bookstore signing set up there, but maybe we can meet up in the bar at the W if you’d like. Just let me know….

This is my second to last book tour event. I go to Vegas for a talk Weds, back Thursday. Then, a few talks here and there through November and December, but nothing really requiring major new trips. I am really, really tired, and very, very happy with how the book did. Onwards….

Update: So it looks like if any Seattle Searchbloggers want to meet up, let’s do it at around 7 pm, lobby bar of the W in downtown Seattle. I’ll be the one with a bourbon and a menu…

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5 thoughts on “Seattle, Ho – Meet Up Plans

  1. John says:

    Hey John,

    Just reading the book at the moment and enjoying it immensely !!

    Thought you’d be interested that “The Search” was covered in a two page feature in The Business newspaper here in the UK –

  2. Darren says:

    I’d be interested when you’ll be belly-up to the bar, would love to drop in for a few minutes.

  3. Vegas Thornton says:

    Where in Vegas will you be meeting at?

  4. Let me know about the Vegas venue/time too, please.

  5. Vegas is a very pretty place, I have always wanted there to go. Write what there did you visit?