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Google Updates Privacy Policy…Somewhat

By - October 14, 2005

Google just reworked its privacy policy, the updated policy is here. I plan to have a lot more to say about this once I speak with the company. I stared at the policy for the book, and found it to be a bit wanting when it comes to some issues. But then again, that’s true for nearly every major company. And this new policy is an attempt to both clarify and bring attention to these issues, which I think is admirable. As I’ve said many times, Google’s main asset is trust…

More when I have more…

Update: Via SEW, this comparison of past and present policies.

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One thought on “Google Updates Privacy Policy…Somewhat

  1. John: Given Yahoo’s actions relating to Shi Tao, I would be very interested to see how Google’s privacy policy will change for Chinese users.

    As a journalist covering China, it makes me wonder whether I should be wary of using Gmail or Yahoo mail.

    Probably bad form to refer back to conversation on my own blog, but there is a discussion about this issue there now: