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Google Update?

By - September 09, 2005

Nope, says Googler Matt Cutts – just adding some pages, not changing algos. Yup, says grizzled vet Danny Sullivan – it’s a major change to the index, whether or not the algos are changing. Net net: Google’s index is swelling. Again, this have anything to do with Yahoo’s recent declaration? Well…of course it does!

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One thought on “Google Update?

  1. Jack DeNeut says:

    I don’t have any inside info on Google’s index size, but I can attest to the fact the the Googlebot seems to be very aggressive these days. About 10 days ago, the Googlebot started hitting our site once a second, and continued non-stop for seven days. Yep, Google indexed over half a million pages from our site in a single week.

    By comparison, I’ve never seen the Yahoo or MSN bots request pages on our site faster than once every 10 seconds, and then only for short periods.

    If the Googlebot hits other sites at this rate, they could easily increase the size of their index by billions of pages per week.