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Google To Launch Blog Search

By - September 13, 2005

GooblogserachTonight Google will announce (well, the embargo is tonight at 9 pm PST) that it is launching blog search, in two flavors, one for, and another as a beta at (not yet up, but will be soon…).

I spoke with Google about this, more soon, wanted to get this up in a timely manner…(too timely…as the service has yet to be pushed live….)

Update: I gotta hit the hay, as I have like ten hours of radio interviews starting at the ungodly hour of 4 AM, but so far the service is still not live, but Google’s FAQ is, at least. As Dave Sifry of Technorati can attest, blog search ain’t easy!

Also, the FAQ claims the URL will be, not the other way around as I was told earlier…

Update 2: It’s live now, and garnering a lot of attention. A good post on it here at the Six Apart blog (thanks Anil).

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13 thoughts on “Google To Launch Blog Search

  1. John Lin says:

    Ah, so this is the news that you were holding from us at the book signing! It was a pleasure meeting you in person. Best of luck with the book promotion!

  2. Rick says:

    What took so long?

  3. Mark Jen says:

    Interesting. Joseph and I were convinced that they were going to announce a larger index size to upset Yahoo!’s 20 billion claim.

    I guess the embargo is off but the sites aren’t live yet. Looks like we’ll have to wait until tomorrow to check it out 🙂

  4. Adam says:

    Though from a utilitarian perspective and a ‘blogger’ myself, I suppose I should be very excited about this move.

    But instead, I’m unhappy about what I perceive to be a rather slippery slope… moving more towards filtering by structure rather than message.

    What next, a tab for wikis? Forums? Vlogs? The balkanization of content by ‘medium’ is not a good thing, as I expound upon in my blog entry here:

  5. Both and will work (as well as for the Blogger-integrated UI).

    And those links should work now 🙂

  6. MikeM says:

    Long time coming in my opinion. Sifry and Cuban led the blog search revolution and now a giant follows.

    Nice of you to fit this post in considering the hectic schedule.

  7. What’s up with It doesn’t work on Firefox!

  8. skumora says:

    Why should it worry some bloggers like Adam. In my opinion if your reader is a human (and that is what it should be) and not a search engine spider, it shouldn’t matter. And readers are much smarter than search engine spiders. Just look at the popularity of Technorati. We all love Google but when it comes to searching blogs, we go someplace else. Very soon even an average reader will learn to do the same.

  9. garik says:

    Chris Locke writes about “Indigo Children,” a meme reported on by the New York Times. The Indigo idea sounds like it pushes a whole bunch of buttons all at once — New Age, angels, the paranormal, child-worship, ADD. If it had some anti-child-porn hysteria about it, it’d be perfect. As one of the people in the NYT article says, this is basically the same social world view as Harry Potter’s muggles v. wizards set up.

    Anyway, it is a great example of what Chris has been talking about over at Mystic Bourgeoisie, America’s Toughest to Spell weblog

  10. machine says:

    hey, i was at a party, and needed to wind down a bit 😉 gimme a break. of course, here i am UP again at 9:40 so i don’t know. i would love to sleep. any suggestions?

  11. ara-mobail says:

    Arrrrgh….now I remember why they HAD to come up with more interesting video games…..boring.

    judi – look at the watch, stare at the watch while it swings slowly before you. Listen only to the sound of my voice. You are getting sleepy, very sleepy

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