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Financial Advice, Horoscopes on the Way?

By - September 20, 2005

Google has altered its famous Philosophy page and footnoted the change, SEW points out after noting an older Cnet piece. The line on the page once said: “Google does not do horoscopes, financial advice or chat.” It was a poke at portals, and, well, was written before Google became, well, a portal of sorts. It has chat now, so one wonders, can Google Finance be far behind?

As Danny points out:

Overall, that page needs more than a full-disclosure footnote. It probably needs to come down entirely, at least the portion with points about what Google has found to be true. It’s not that the horizon is becoming less blurry. It’s simply that Google itself is growing up and changing, and so will the things it finds true as part of that process.

Update: See the “diff” here, thanks to reader Gabe.

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5 thoughts on “Financial Advice, Horoscopes on the Way?

  1. Jimbo says:

    Google Finance. Hmm, isn’t that really what the Reuters rumors were about. Reuters has deep info, thanks to the Bangalore office which writes up tiny companies other places don’t bother to cover.

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    “Ron Kaplan, Director of Natural Language Research, Palo Alto Research Center and Marti Hearst, Professor, SIMS, UC Berkeley; Science Advisor for Search, Yahoo! spoke on the state of natural language interfaces for search.”

  3. Laura says:

    Even I didn’t hear if google has ever focused on financial advisory.

  4. Linkin says:

    What does horoscope has to do with financial blogs. You don’t have to be supersticious to be a finance runner.