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A9 Launches Maps

By - August 16, 2005

A9MapsUdi and his team have formally tossed their hat into the mapping ring with A9 Maps. Udi has shown this at a few industry conferences, but now it’s live. It’s an interesting and pretty cool interface, you use a magnifying lens icon to scroll A9’s Block View on the right side of the page. Very You Are There. It breaks down when there are no Block View images – becomes a standard maps interface. But as usual for A9, it points out what’s possible and what might be coming….

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5 thoughts on “A9 Launches Maps

  1. Alex Castro says:

    I totally agree that A9’s new map service has great potential. Despite how cool the satellite view might be, it certainly isn’t very useful. I’m not interested in the top of a building. The street level view provided by Block View is way more useful. See for my ongoing analysis of the different map services available.

  2. Adam says:

    I’m a bit puzzled, though… is this really new? I remember these features on A9 (perhaps in beta) literally months ago.

    Sorry if the “Hey, this isn’t new!” is really cliched, but oh well 😉

  3. Jason Fields says:

    Just checked on and its no longer available? bummer, i was looking for a storefront image online… oh well… was one of the coolest features on a maps site for me… Any news on when this happened?

  4. Perrin says:

    a9 maps and “Block View” were pulled Sept 9, according to Wikipedia (

  5. is great for information about the A9’s new map service, great little article, thanks any other news about this please keep me posted