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Lots to Catch Up On

By - July 05, 2005

Google eyes Baidu….I got a call on this, and honestly have no idea if this is true. But you’ve been reading my opining on China and Google for some time now.

Google Toolbar for Firefox coming. Cnet has the scoop.

SEW finds an interesting study which tracks usage of Google.

And more Google/Clickfraud news: Last May Google “quietly” won a judgment against former AdSense partner Auction Sense. As you all know, Google and others are being sued for click fraud, SearchBlog reader Eric Goldman has an analysis here.

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3 thoughts on “Lots to Catch Up On

  1. Ramla A. says:

    Interesting blog. I am Google fan, and this site is absolutely juicy! [I tried to blog Google with, but life’s been keeping me away from my blogs. :)]


    I am very interested in your upcoming title, “The Search”. I work in the TV industry. During one of my research project on the future of TV last September, I had an epiphany: WHAT IF GOOGLE MARRIES TV? What a myriad of possibilities lies in that land?

    There is more that I have to say on this subject, which is better discussed off the public. I’d be glad to bounce off the idea with you. I have a feeling that it will beef up “The Search” by offering an exciting possibility to the world of search and TV.

    You have my email address.

  2. Fenton says:

    1. I just filed my first click fraud complaint with Overture after nearly a year of advertising with both them and Google. I still stand much closer to Google/Overture’s side on the issue. When it is click fraud, it is obvious. My CTR went from .3% to 13% (yes, that’s thirteen percent) after a month of having the same ad running at the same bid/positions. Even worse, it had a higher CTR when it was in 2nd position.

    2. Google’s toolbar was the best tool I had as a webmaster/blogger to do research, and a mac/firefox version that’s as well supported as the windows IE version would make me switch back from all of my other tools so I hope this happens.

  3. gregbo says:

    I have heard that some companies will only charge one click per IP address per day, which has its own set of problems (e.g. if sessions span multiple IPs).