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Schmidt on Rose on Search

By - June 06, 2005

SchmidtwebWhen I was in college, I was the Scholarship Chairman of my house. I ran colloquiums on various subjects. I posted a Big Idea – “Man kind is neither, discuss” – and then used my budget on….a lava lamp, and a lot of, er, herbal refreshments.

Seems like Charlie Rose is doing the same. A lot of joints after midnight in a recent segment featuring Eric Schmidt of Google (not online yet, if anyone sees it…let me know). I’ll have to find a copy of this to watch, it sounds like there was a lot of smoke being blown around. SiliconValleyWatcher has an overview. From SVW’s summary of Eric’s comments:

Search is a force for peace and a better world. Google will reveal how everybody lives and thinks and speaks and looks and that is beneficial to world peace….

Mr Schmidt says Google recruits by appealing to people who want to make big changes in the world and convince them that they should do it with Google. Why? Because Google has the scale in computing and organization.

And because of its size, Google represents the largest opportunity they will ever have in their lifetimes. ….

Mr Schmidt said the lava lamps help introduce people to the Google way.


(Next up, a bout of paranoia?)

(PPS – anyone get the joke of Anil’s shirt in the NYT photo from that last link? (thanks, Andre…))

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2 thoughts on “Schmidt on Rose on Search

  1. Weren’t you editor of Wired when you declared search to be dead in 1996 with the cover showing Push is king?

  2. AP says:

    Starting to sound like Michael Saylor, the ex-CEO of Microstrategy.

    It’s truly hard to comprehend how ridiculous Eric Schmidt sounds.