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Off to Gnomedex

By - June 24, 2005

I’m excited to go be part of my first Gnomedex today, but bummed I can’t stay for very long. I am quite sure there’ll be plenty of coverage in the b’sphere, as the conference is built on “unlimited wifi and power strips.”

Expect some announcements from Microsoft, a major sponsor, around RSS support. Winer has a preview here. Watch Scoble for more.

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One thought on “Off to Gnomedex

  1. mneptok says:

    Check out Mark vandeWettering’s thoughts on Gnomedex. As you can see from my comment, I agree with him.

    Gnomedex strikes me as nothing but a slumber party for people that want to feel like they’re in the “blogsphere.” A chance for people to rub elbows with people just slightly more high profile than themsevles, and feel like that counts for something. But where’s the meat?

    Where are the hacker symposiums? The papers being delivered? In short, how does Gnomedex move anything forward or create anything new in a way only a meatspace event could?

    A conference where the most exciting thing is an IE7 demo is a commercial. A marketing ploy, not a conference. Which is what I suspect you’ll usually get when Microsoft is the primary sponsor of an event.