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Wayne Rosing, Google Engineering Star, Focusing on Astronomy Now

By - May 06, 2005

Wayne Rosing LgI just learned that Wayne Rosing has left his role as SVP, Engineering at Google, and plans to focus on a passion of his, astronomy. He’s been named senior fellow in mathematical and physical sciences at the University of California, Davis. I’ve pinged Wayne to see if he’d be game to talk with Searchblog. Wayne will remain as an advisor to Google.

Rosing is going to be working on the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST). From the story:

The LSST is intended to look for light from distant galaxies that has been bent by gravity to detect the mysterious dark matter and dark energy thought to make up most of the universe. When completed, possibly by 2012, it will be able to survey the entire visible sky every three nights, taking exposures every 10 seconds. Its three billion-pixel digital camera will generate 30 terabytes of data per night. Plans for the telescope call for all that data to be immediately available to the public.

I can only imagine how – Google Universe Maps, anyone?

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3 thoughts on “Wayne Rosing, Google Engineering Star, Focusing on Astronomy Now

  1. Wouldn’t Google Map rock! I mean it could actually work, right? Or am I wrong here?

  2. Rick says:

    Do you think we’ll see other top googleers leave now that they can sell their stock on the open market?

  3. Lawrence Liu says:

    Why wait? Check out the SkyServer at It’s power by Microsoft technologies (Windows and SQL Server). And yes, I work for Microsoft.