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MyGoogle Is Coming Today

By - May 19, 2005

S161-1Google is launching the kind of personalized integration tool that many thought they’d never do. At first it was thought to be called iGoogle, but the name is uncertain at this point. It’s due from Google Labs later today, according to SEW. While watching the webcast I noticed a Powerpoint glitch that showed integration of address books and local search, but I did not get a screenshot in time. More as I find out more. SEW coverage. (thanks to a commentor on my site, who points to this!)

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2 thoughts on “MyGoogle Is Coming Today

  1. David Brake says:

    Try – it is working at the moment. I have to say I am not very impressed so far – since Google isn’t very heavily into the content business yet there isn’t much you can choose from. They don’t even have the weather from the UK available yet. Still it is bound to improve.

    I never see the Google home page any more anyway since I always launch Google searches from my Firefox bar…

  2. ID:entity says:

    As I started t configure the page, something inside was fighting the mouse actions, my subconscious has been programmed.

    Then it struck me, in my world Google and Ikea are actually very similar – modern life style requires less clutter – that’s what they both provided in a stylish manner.

    I don’t think I’m ready to change back – thank god for labs, and feedback loops!!