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GFT: First Q&A

By - May 19, 2005

Some highlights from the Q&A session with Marissa and Peter:

Q: How many servers do you have? A: 10,000 was the last figure given (Oh, please!)

Q: Why are products in Beta so long? A: We want to leave them in beat when we are still working on them and we plan to make a lot of improvements. Froogle didn’t have sort by price, for example. News didn’t have sort by date. We are getting close to taking some of these products out of beta.

Q: Eric in the introduction said search is not how you think about your business. How do you think about your business? A: Think about our mission. There are lots of things that fall into that. Gmail, etc. – that are not just web search.

Q: How often do you crawl? A: It’s continuous – used to be monthly. Sites like CNN we might hit every ten minutes, others daily, or weekly….

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