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Bloglines Blog Search a-Comin'

By - May 20, 2005

Bloglines-2Mark promises BusinessWeek a summer release of an engine that will “world-class blog search, which we don’t think exists now.”

I do agree, that much as I love the current options, they are a bit slow and hard to use sometimes. And the whole world has wondered why the big G or Y don’t have a blog flavored search vertical. We’ll have three by August, methinks.

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2 thoughts on “Bloglines Blog Search a-Comin'

  1. Paul Hehn says:

    In the short time I’ve used it, has returned better results (or, I should say, more interesting) than Bloglines.

  2. T Campbell says:

    It’s a small, small thing, but I will always resent Technorati for refusing to index the “T” in my name. The news of alternatives pleases me.