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The Mobile Web S*cks

By - April 24, 2005

Russell rants, and he’s right. I have my own rant about this, at its core is the open/closed issue. On the one hand you have an open platform, the web, that sports a robust ecology with all sorts of innovation and competition. On the other hand, over in the mobile world, you have this carrier-driven crap that is driven by one thing and one thing only: the carrier’s desperate desire to lock you in.

Free the mobile web! Only when it’s connected, seamlessly and freely, to the real web will it blossom.

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2 thoughts on “The Mobile Web S*cks

  1. eJoe23 says:

    Believe me I can’t wait for the mobile web to figure itself out. I did buy movie tickets on (or maybe it was fandango) and that felt good, driving to the theater … decided to get the tickets ahead of time, I was sure right then that everyone would simply rush to improve this highly useful and valuable service (everyone goes to the movies right?).

    Well here it is 2 years later and I don’t think one thing has improved. I don’t go to espn or get movie tickets or anything else on the mobile web, for the cost and time I can just call 411 or infone.

    But NOW (and I know I have said this before) the mobile web is about to explode! And the reason mobile web is going to explode is because three of the biggest, badest boys on the internet block want it to. I am of course talking about Microsoft, Yahoo, and most importantly Google. Mobile search will tap local search markets, add new revenue streams and generally give a competitive advantage to who ever tackles it the best.

    In order for users to have quality mobile experiences, companies with great resources have to see great value in providing such experiences. That means competition for competitive advantage and new/increasing revenue streams. This is what mobile search will provide (just look at Yahoo and Google

  2. Courtney Gidts says:

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