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Also: Google Ads Are Coming to RSS

By - April 26, 2005

Says Scoble. From a Longhorn blog he points to:

Q: What is Google doing?

A: I can’t talk a whole lot about this yet. I can tell you that this is a pilot program for a new AdSense product that Google is looking into. Like all of their tests, it may disappear for a while, or be discontinued altogether.

Q: Is anyone else currently testing this technology?

A: No. Right now is the only site running this test. That will probably change in the next few days as their other alpha testers bring their systems online, but for now, we’re it.

Q: How are you putting ads in the feeds?

A: I can’t talk at all about implementation yet, because the system is not finalized. It’s just a test to determine how well the current thought process works, the performance bottlenecks, and to discover any barriers to others using it. I CAN tell you that it isn’t using Javascript.

Q: When can I start putting ads in MY feeds?

A: IF Google decides to launch this product, you can expect to see a wider public beta in the next few weeks.

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