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ZoomInfo Redefines Vanity Googling?

By - March 24, 2005

ZoominfoA people and business search engine, ZoomInfo launched earlier this week while I was at PCForum. I have not had time to use the professional edition (they have a free and pay version, and were kind enough to comp me so I can play around with it) but the Post has a nice write up here. From that:

Cambridge, Mass.-based Zoom Information Inc., searches the Web for public information about people and corporations, then allows them to edit their profiles. “With us, you have the ability to … present yourself how you want to be presented,” Russell Glass, ZoomInfo’s director of consumer products, told the Associated Press.

A neat idea – managing your own entry in the database of intentions. But it suffers from initial overload – so far, I’m the founder of WebMD, CEO of Northern Light, CEO of A9 (sorry Udi, I’m taking over), among many others. Oh, to have such a resume!

ZoomInfo is backed by Paul Allen’s Vulcan Ventures, so I expect this is not the last we’ll hear from them.

Update: Gary Price chimes in to tell me that this service is not new, but a skin of an old service. For more see SEW here.

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  • TypeKeyCommentor

    ZoomInfo is yet another tool that helps you find information about other people.

    A simple tool that instead helps other people find YOU is Contactlink (