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When Competition Comes….

By - March 26, 2005

Practices like this will have to go. I’ve always wondered why Google makes it so hard to opt our of the Adsense play if you are an advertiser. I imagine once Yahoo and MSFT are in the game, this kind of thing will not stand.

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4 thoughts on “When Competition Comes….

  1. paritos says:

    Google manipulates search results for “google toolbar” to return the #1 link to point to Deskbar, but say “Google toolbar”. This is a clear misuse. I posted screenshots and more here.

  2. It’s just as bad for the sites that serve the AdSense ads. Google hides revenue share, clicks per ad, revenues per ad, etc. I talk about it more here, but as site owners become more savvy, Google will have to open up or the other networks (Yahoo, MSN, etc.) will catch up quickly.

  3. BillSaysThis says:

    Then there’s this other little problem mentioned in the NY Times today:

  4. tickTock says:

    No need to wait. Remember, Yahoo is already in the game with Overture’s Content Match product. I’m more interested in the publisher side, but a friend of mine who advertises through both said it’s pretty easy to opt of Content Match if you want.

    As a small publisher, I’m not interested in getting ads advertisers don’t want on my site. Less effort on their part means less likely to convert. Props to Yahoo for allowing this and phooey on Google for not.