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3 thoughts on “Google News Goes Custom

  1. abhi says:

    this isn’t relevant to google – was hoping for your thoughts on the Microsoft-BURST lawsuit and the just announced settlement.
    Speculation is rampant about a 750-1000 million settlement. BRST Stock up 75%.

    Also, will Apple and Real networks settle in fear of more lawsuits?

    Thanks and have a good one.

  2. Scott Supak says:

    Still sucks compared to Yahoo. Google still determines what stories you get, and from whom they come. All this new feature allows is to change layout and number of stories shown per category. I’ve always wondered how they choose which stories, and which versions of those stories, get shown….

    I’ll stick with Yahoo still, because there I can arrange my own RSS feeds along with my choices for sources of news, rather than have some process they don’t publicize tell me what to read.

  3. Nick Douglas says:

    I’d say the ability to show saved news searches — without registration — is a leap in customized news.