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Another Music Search Play

By - March 02, 2005 is another music search engine, but it has a different interface from MusicPlasma. Worth checking out, I liked it on first blush…the engine uses a community “fan base” to help with filtering.

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2 thoughts on “Another Music Search Play

  1. Gen Kanai says:

    John, actually uses information from Wikipedia as well as information from p2p networks. It’s a pretty interesting search engine for music lovers.

  2. Kevin says:

    Yes, I think to call it “another music search engine” misses its value. It’s really more a recommendation engine first and foremost (type in a band/artist or four and you get back the most popular intersection band/artist among the P2P networks that you didn’t type in). Pretty addictive fun to see what the next popular band is among people who own The Clash and Avril Lavigne (answer = Ramones, followed by, shudder, Ashlee Simpson).

    Having used it, I’d also call it a consumption engine since I was constantly wanting to buy a track or two from the new bands I discovered…it seems like a few different folks might find a consumption engine a good buy.