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Sell Side (Or PDA) Gets a Boost

By - February 14, 2005

The meme is accelerating, as Ross Mayfield put it in an email to me today. He pointed me to this piece by Dave Morgan, Tacoda’s CEO, in ClickZ, and this presentation (note: PDF download) which Dave also created. Cool! Excerpts:

Advertisers just want results. Going forward, they’ll be happy to open up their advertisements to distribute them to any publisher who wants them, so long as the publisher delivers to the right audience under the right environmental controls and is willing to be paid on a performance-only basis. This clearly takes PPC advertising to the next level and changes the tradition media selling equation.

…Media owners of all types have long lamented ad brokers and marketing service companies buy their media, optimize it, then don’t share the margins. Print publishers and TV stations can’t do anything about it, but Web publishers can. Sell-side advertising would greatly complement CPM-based brand advertising and could become a significant revenue channel.

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2 thoughts on “Sell Side (Or PDA) Gets a Boost

  1. Peg says:

    We think that offline media can play in this game too. It just takes a little creativity…

  2. james says:

    Is this not really the same as what the adult industry has been doing for years? They understand how to target audiences through niches and use affiliate programs to have other people selling for them. Let me know what you think the difference is if there is any?