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By - February 13, 2005

LiveplasmaThe folks behind MusicPlasma, which inspired my BlogPlasma idea (in the works) have added movies and more to their site, and renamed it LivePlasma. It’s in beta now, and I could not get the members area to work (it promises to support custom maps which can be shared, etc.), but check it out, they are looking for input.

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2 thoughts on “LivePlasma

  1. dim_locator says:

    Need a music person to work on database. None of my searhes came up correctly.I searched some pretty obscure stuff that would have mainstream implications without success.
    Large gaps in data.Very large gaps.
    Would be of great interest to me if it were more complete.

  2. Andrew Stone says:

    I did a very in depth review of the LivePlasma site, including screenshots. Check it out at