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Google Pumps Up Local

By - February 03, 2005

LocalgIt’s now on the home page.

In other news, Ask now has a blog (where the feed, Jeeves? – Update – here it is), keyword prices drop for the first time month to month in quite a while, Rivlin has a nice piece on the “half bubble” in today’s Times, and there’s been a lot of interest in Google’s job posting for a strategic partner development manager (as I’ve said again and again, it seems obvious to me that Google will eventually get into the content middleman business.)

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4 thoughts on “Google Pumps Up Local

  1. middleman says:

    They’ve no choice cos Yahoo! are knocking on everyones door….early bird and all that….

    Also looks like Google need those advetisors to expand those budgets to keep the growth model on the right curve – how – introduce a whole new sector of keywords to bid on.

  2. Josh Stylman says:


    The Jeeves feed does exist. Gary pointed to it in his SEW Post:

    It can be found at


  3. dread says:

    4 out of 6 of google’s tabs are in ‘beta’ – what gives?

    news has been in beta for years, does it mean anything anymore?

  4. Chris P. says:

    Don’t you think that IYP has it over any of the big boys when it truly comes down to local? Here’s why I say that:

    Content — search engines crawl sites, Yellow makes searchable all the ads in the huge fat book

    User Exp. — some of them are getting a lot better, and the one powered by my client was judged number one in a recent white paper by the Kelsey Group (wink, nudge)

    Business Model — Yellow Pages are a $26B business model, ALL Internet advertising around $9B, search roughly half of that.

    Yes it’s the future, but if the IYP’s get their act together and build their traffic (some work to do there admittedly), they are a demonstrably better choice for most SME’s.

    What do you folks think?