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Videora – a BitTorrent RSS Reader

By - January 06, 2005

VideoraSlightly off topic, but not so much as you might think: via PVR Blog, I see that Videora, a BitTorrent RSS reader, has launched. Om noted it here.

So why do we care? Well, I’ve long theorized that video over IP will come from the bottom up, as opposed to the top down, much as it has with blogs, and with music before that. This feels right along those lines. I very much hope that we see folks starting to make really cool video and ripping it, some rights reserved, to the web, CC style. The business models will come, let’s see the good stuff now!

Of course, we’ll need a way to find all that stuff, and categorize it, and make sense of it. Search, ho!

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2 thoughts on “Videora – a BitTorrent RSS Reader

  1. Seth Miller says:

    Videora wasn’t actually that interesting. It provided RSS feeds from some of the top torrent sites and made it easier for you to see if they had interesting videos that could then be started in a bundled client, BitComet. The full version supposedly had integrated downloads (no need for BitComet) and better support for their “wish list” and “season pass” technologies, neither of which worked on my free version.


  2. Hi,
    We’d like to clear up some misconceptions that Seth made about the full and free versions of Videora. The full version does not have “integrated downloads” as Seth described, it still requires a 3rd party BitTorrent client like BitComet to perform the downloading.

    What the full version does have is the ability to download files directly from the “wish list” screen by double-clicking the desired file. Also the full version lets you customize your season passes based on Feed, etc. While these features cannot be found in the feature-limited trial version, you can still get a good idea how they work with the free version.

    If you have any questions drop by our forums or send us an e-mail.