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The Week Ahead

By - January 23, 2005

WefA quick heads up – the coming week promises to be a big one in the world of search, if the birds flying around my in box are any indication. However, I am away the entire week in Europe, so posting might be light (I’m told there will be WiFi where I will be, but you never know…). In case any readers might also be there, I’ll be at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This is my second trip there – I first went in 2001, but couldn’t afford it over the past few years. This year they have been kind enough to extend me a pass, and I will be posting as I can. On the first day a group of “Young Global Leaders” (how they come up with these names…) will be at a meeting “aimed at establishing a framework for understanding the problems and risks we face in the coming decades and beyond.” I am honored to be one of them, though a bit baffled how it all came about.

The WEF has a blog, as well, though for more personal coverage, you might watch Loic LeMeur’s.

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5 thoughts on “The Week Ahead

  1. Loic says:

    Hi John, glad to read we’ll meet in Davos on monday, being a YGL too…

    Rebecca Mackinnon and myself are organising the Davos weblog, it is actually quite exciting we will be more than ten participants and journalists blogging on it, shall I get you an invite ?

    Would be great if you could blog on it as well.

    Anyway, see you tomorrow !

  2. Loic says:

    Hi again John, FYI I have setup a wiki page to gather the information, feel free to add your info to it


  3. Slashdot reports Google will offer VOIP in Europe. Tell Mayfield.

  4. Javier Rey says:

    Google Video Search is now available! But you can’t download the videos yet..

  5. michael nova says:


    would have liked to contact you at WEF, but unfortunately could’nt make it this year even though our company ( won a “technology innovator 2005” award from the WEF.

    nice blog