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Randy Moss, Mark Cuban, and Video Search

By - January 11, 2005

Randy MossI like Mark Cuban’s blog, it’s a fun window into the sports world, but as we all know, Mark is also a big fan of search, having invested in both and IceRocket. So I was interested to read his latest rant on Randy Moss’s silly (and fake) bare ass in the playoff game last Sunday. In it, he dresses down the media for making a big deal of the incident, then talks about the search implications:

We are about to enter an era where kids can do a search on google,, yahoo and other search engines and get all the video they want of TV broadcasts. Put in a topic. Boom. All the video you could ever want. Put in a name. There it is. Video and transcripts to go with it.

How much fun is it going to be to be sitting in a Sports Management or Journalims class starting next year when the Prof discusses “dealing with controversy” or “dealing with players in the spotlight”, or any derivation of the topic.

I can hear it now. “Ok class, I want you to pick a player that you think did or might have created some controversy in the past. Do a search and provide me video of the player and the controversial event. Then provide clips of how the media covered the event and we will discuss it.”

You know EVERY kid is going to pick Randy Moss….

….We do live in interesting times. We are the first generation to memorialize everything that we do on video. We are entering the first generation that will able to search through all of that video and find what ever they want.

Future generations will thank us for the entertainment we are offering them.

I tried to find video of Randy Moss’ BA using Yahoo Video Search, but struck out. And a cursory look on Feedster didn’t turn up much either, but I bet in a few weeks, it’ll find its way into the Index.

Come to think of it, this dovetails nicely into a conversation I was having with Barry Diller of IAC this morning (for the book and my column in Business 2.0). I asked him if he thought video over IP was an inevitability, and he answered with an emphatic yes. Diller and Cuban both agree: most video will be searchable, and relatively soon.

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4 thoughts on “Randy Moss, Mark Cuban, and Video Search

  1. Matt McGee says:

    Is there a Flickr for video yet? If not, I would think there will be.

  2. Mark Cuban is right.

    I just watched the video. What’s the big deal?