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Google Video Search

By - January 25, 2005

GoovidI was briefed on this last week, and will have a longer report later today. Suffice to say, Google Video Search launched today. It’s quite distinct from Yahoo and other’s approach….

Coverage here.

BTW, Yahoo Video Search beta is now on the home page. I am sure this had nothing to do with the Google news….

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9 thoughts on “Google Video Search

  1. Ben Stein says:

    Oh my, I know it’s early days but should they even have released this yet? I can’t get it to do anything useful. seems the most advanced of any company doing this to date.

  2. Thomas Hawk says:

    A couple of other questions immediately come to mind. Will RSS feeds be available for Video Search? When will we see actual video from Google in addition to the text — similar to what Yahoo! is planning? Will the text be integrated into Google regular searchs or will you be required to do a seperate search specifically in video? How about getting “key word” type season passes with your TiVo or Microsoft Media Center machine in order to pull content, actual video content, via broadband after it has already been broadcast — not just key words in a program’s description, but key words after the fact from the actual closed captioning? And when we finally someday see all of this video not only searchable but actually archived in video format in the future, how in the hell will they store it all? These files have to be huge.

  3. David Dee says:

    In these early days for mainstream video search it seems the different vendors are all trying to solve different parts of the puzzle, with no single vendor addressing the full spectrum of requirements. I have to say though that I’m becoming increasingly impressed by developments at Yahoo!, AOL and Microsoft (MSN), in terms of leveraging their own existing content and skillful execution of new initiatives. With three strong competitors constantly pressuring Google, this can only be good news for consumers.

  4. Mike says:

    It appears that this product is closely related to a paper published by Google almost two years ago.

    Query-Free News Search, by Henzinger, Chang, Milch, and Brin, 2003.

  5. frak says:

    I went looking for this information and discoverd vblogging. Now THAT is a cool technology – and the obvious next step of course.

  6. nancy says:

    I just tried google video and was kind of disappointed. THey didnt actually capture any video? what is going on with that…its just more images…so confused. Then I tried blinkTV and it was much better, I typed in news stuff and got to watch it live from my computer. Is google coming out with something more like blinkx with live video?

  7. geroge says:

    oh i have tried blinktv also, its really worth looking into. they have excellent features, so many channels and a ton of coverage. GOogle just hasnt gotten it yet. They already have an imaging section, this just seems like more of the same (oh and with a TV guide- but people who are looking for video coverage online are the people that most likely have direct cable who can just press guide on their tv sets) I dont get what google is doing here, they need to beef it up and perhaps look towards blinkTV for some help..just a thought.

  8. Jennifer says:

    I just tried out blinktv and am totally impressed. Thanks for the suggestion. They have 22 channels that streamline video coverage. You can also search by a certain word and start the video at that point. It is really quite something. Google will probably eventually release someething like this, but for now blinkxTV is where it is!

  9. Gus says:

    Google’s video is just a prototype. They will come out with actual video at some point, won’t they? Up until now, I have been a avid Google fan. But I have been severly disappointed with their Video search. This is not really up to par with their other products.