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adMarketplace: Another Bite at The Advertising Apple

By - January 24, 2005

I’ve been meaning to write about adMarketplace, a new advertising service, ever since I spoke to its CEO a month or so ago. But I wanted to try it out for myself first, much as I have AdBrite (the network you see on the right over there, which by the way announced (sub req’d) its funding from Sequoia Capital today). I haven’t had the time to do that yet, though I certainly intend to shortly. In any case, today adMarketplace announced an interesting affiliate program that allows publishers to earn revenue for introducing advertisers into the network – if you, as a publisher, are responsible for getting an advertiser signed up, you get a piece of that advertiser’s revenue across the network, even if the ads are not on your site. An interesting idea and one that feels like a step toward my Publisher Driven (nee Sell Side) Advertising model.

AdMarketplace is the company behind eBay’s ad market, a background which serves as both an endorsement and a limitation, when it debuted last year, reviews were mixed. Jim Walton of adMarketplace tells me that it is his intention to quickly grow his network, and he hopes to implement a self service sign up a la AdSense shortly. More when I actually find the time to grok the system, probably later in Feb.

PS – In Davos now, jetlagged but happy to be in the snow…

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2 thoughts on “adMarketplace: Another Bite at The Advertising Apple

  1. Chat says:

    I think the name of the CEO is Jim Waltz, not Walton.

  2. I’ve been running banners on for two months, the ads are quite relevant, but a lot of them are Flash-based, which tends to be ignored by many blocking the Flash ads, so the click-through numbers are way below AdSense.