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Yahoo Video Search

By - December 15, 2004

YahoovideosearchSigh. Again, I find myself in this odd space. I’m under embargo on this information (Yahoo briefed me and others), but a reader just sent me this link out of the blue (my readers are so damn dialed in, first Google Library, now this…). So you guys go look for yourselves, please comment here as to what you think, and I’ll write about this on Thursday, as I have holiday stuff to do tonight and can’t write it up now. Yahoo Video Search.

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8 thoughts on “Yahoo Video Search

  1. Brian says:

    Yahoo’s video search is very, very good. Props go to Google for getting that layout right the first time in Google Images, though.

    Are the search giants playing games and vying for media attention by focusing on areas they think their competitors aren’t?

  2. Hello
    I am curious. Have you ever heard of the search system called Chiliad? Used primarily by the government apparently, and especially by Homeland security and CIA among others. It looks to me to be a great alternative, especially when searching media like video etc.. I would love your opinion. I am also a colleague of Barak Kassar.
    David Hoffman

  3. Josh says:

    Another to bring out video search is blinkx They seem to have indexed a heck of a lot more video than yahoo. You can also save clips to special folders, for example name a folder ‘George W Bush’ and it will continue to pop in clips that mention him.

  4. dev says:

    It’s important to know that this is nothing new, yahoo simply symlinked alltheweb’s video search frontend.

    Alltheweb (owned by yahoo!) opened this feature a long time ago – its a simple filename search. If one takes a closer look, they are one in the same:

    Searches for “Hawaii” on alltheweb & yahoo produce the _exact_ same results.

    This move sounds like more of a ‘hey look at us’ move, same as the vaporware promises of a desktop search product ‘sometime in january’ =]

  5. Timboy says:

    Dev – you’re making a bit of a leap from “ATW now same as Y” to “Y just the same thing that ATW has always been”. See