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Yahoo Local: Who Needs the Yellow Pages?

By - December 09, 2004

ylocallistSome time ago I was briefed on Yahoo Local, and as the team was putting the service, which I think is quite good for a first effort, through its paces it became increasingly clear to me that were I a small business owner, I’d want the ability to edit my listing so I could make my business look more appealing. In fact, if Yahoo Local were sending me leads, I’d very much want to be able to buy my way into a better listing – perhaps post stellar reviews of my establishment, snappy come ons, the like.

I asked Yahoo if and when they planned to launch such a service, and they gave me a rather tight lipped smile. Clearly, the answer was “as soon as possible.” There was clearly the issue of conflicting with Overture’s revenue stream, but it seems the company has worked through that. I noticed today (and in various press reports yesterday) that Yahoo has launched this feature. For $9.95 a month a business owner can create a “premium” listing. For free, they can update the current one.

It’s not quite what I imagined – the premium listing is pretty rigid in its design – but it’s certainly a good start. I will be very interested to see how these listings do for Yahoo.

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One thought on “Yahoo Local: Who Needs the Yellow Pages?

  1. Neville says:

    I was in rural France for several weeks this summer (sorry). I was amazed to discover how many people, from guest house owners to artists to olive oil growers, etc. all had one urgent question they wanted answered the minute they found out I was from California and had something to do with the internet.

    That question was invariably “how can I get more visibility for my small business on the web?”

    These people no longer need persuading. Literally all they wanted to know was who could they send their money to, to get a result. This, remember, is in a rural French backwater.

    The global revenue potential of this, the pent-up demand, is truly immense.