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Joining the Architecture of Participation Party

By - December 06, 2004

With the news that Google has locked down, incorporated reviews (of sorts) into Froogle, re-launched Google Groups in a bid to get competitive with Yahoo, started to update Blogger, has released desktop search (with its obvious developer platform implications), and is quickly scaling Local with mobile and the like, it’s a pretty obvious conclusion to draw: Google is joining the architecture of participation party in a big way. Like eBay and Amazon, Google will gain huge traction when it allows its own users to create value on its platform.

Not totally unrelated side note: I just got a new ping (IE, the pose was just updated in some way) on a year-old Adam Bosworth essay germane to all this. A worthy re-read. I wonder if he’s pondering this as he drives new stuff to market at Google these days…

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2 thoughts on “Joining the Architecture of Participation Party

  1. jas says:

    When will I be able to search my mind using Google?

  2. Honestly, you just have to love comments like that