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Job Search, Indeed

By - December 17, 2004

Indeed is a new service which scrapes jobs from scores of services and then wraps a familiar interface around the entire thing – a search interface. I like the ability to refine searches and the ability to search by region. It’s fun to play around with. Needs to deal with the duplication issue, as this search for “blogger” shows, but it supports RSS and you can sort by date. Neat. The site’s founders have a (nascent) blog as well.

Update: Paul Forster, one of the founders, tells me of the business model the site will pursue:

“We’ll start with a contextual advertising system similar to Google
Adwords or Overture. We won’t be accepting payments for improved job
positioning in our main search results and our paid ads will be clearly distinguished from our main search results”

And reader Otis G. tells me that Indeed is based on Lucene. Cool!

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2 thoughts on “Job Search, Indeed

  1. Ravin Pierre says:

    Wow thank you, you’ve helped out Aerospace Engineering college grad.