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By - December 04, 2004

Not too long ago, Google Image search took an embarrassing hit for not having Abu Ghraib images. But Google has now played a central role in uncovering even more images of military abuse. Boing Boing has the full story. Net net: an AP reporter stumbled across these images on a photo sharing site. One would think after Abu Ghraib, taking picture of yourself lording over prisoners would be pretty much verboten. Uploading them to a photosharing site? Beyond stupid.

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5 thoughts on “GoogleScoop

  1. cynical_guy says:

    It’s interesting that you are more outraged by the leaking than the widespread abuse suggested by the photos.

  2. No, my views on the actual abuse would turn this into a political discussion, which certainly drives pageviews, but has very little to do with search. Suffice to say, regardless of your politics, it’s pretty dumb to do what these soldiers did, given Abu Ghraib.

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  4. MikeM says:

    Cynical-guy– widespread abuse is what Saddam was all about. Our guys for the most part were humiliating prisoners to brake them down for interrogation. JB is correct that uploading them was dumb. Too many naive persons with naive impressions of their efforts get to chime in.

  5. Our guys were committing criminal acts. Some of the immediate perpetrators have been prosecuted already. All of the rest of us are bearing the consequences of what they did.