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Short Week

By - November 21, 2004

I’m traveling to NYC for one night only, then we have 22 family members (!!!!) for Thanksgiving starting Tuesday, so I sense this may be a light week of posting.

While I’m out, here’s some suggested linkage, which should keep you busy for a while if you don’ t have a turkey to brine:

Cory on WIPO. He’s doing important work here.

The Google triumvarate is poised to sell a lot of shares over the next 18 months. This is pretty standard, what folks in the Valley call “diversifying risk”. (WSJ paid sub, BBC here)

I’ve moved to MT 3.0. If you have issues with seeing it, suggest you first hold down shift and click reload (for all you Firefoxers, that is). If that does not work, email me at jbat at battellemedia dot com. This should really cut down on the comment spam. Thanks, Six Apart!

Russell Beattie chronicles his new gig at Yahoo and how it came about, and has a great idea for all Yahoo Employees: Give them all a mobile phone with unlimited net connectivity. Neat idea. Think of what might be invented…

Want the dirt on Google’s new office in MSFT land? Greg has it.

More copyright type headaches for Google, this time from an adult site. Reminds me of other suits on trademark. Watch this space.

Scoble has some thoughts about the power of blogs versus traditional publishing. Uh huh.

Some hints on a new Google File System paper here.

Very interesting ramblings from the founder of Kozuru.

And when Adam Bosworth rambles, people should listen.

And simply because it made me almost pee my pants….monkeys can do kung fu. (Thanks Metafilter).

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