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Google Looks to Its Resellers

By - November 10, 2004

professional_welcome_signupWhat’s a sign of a maturing business? One that takes care of its “developers.” In the case of Google (for now, anyway), that means the agencies and search engine marketing companies that manage AdWords accounts on behalf of multiple clients. (Soon, one might presume, Google will have a robust developer network of the more traditional kind, a la Microsoft or Apple, but I’m getting ahead of the story).

Today Google announced “Google Advertising Professionals,” a program designed to cater to SEMs and agencies. Google has long lagged Overture in the Manicuring the Hand That Feeds You category, I am sure this program will be a welcome addition in the search marketing space. Details in release, in extended entry.

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Today Google debuted Google Advertising Professionals, a new program that includes tools, training, and marketing resources designed for anyone who manages Google AdWords accounts on behalf of advertisers, including webmasters, search engine marketers (SEMs) and agencies. Google Advertising Professionals provides participants with the opportunity to enhance their AdWords expertise, use a new account management
tool, and earn a qualified logo to display to existing and prospective clients.

Google Advertising Professionals consists of three main components:

– My Client Center: Participants receive the My Client Center tool, which
provides a single dashboard for managing all of their AdWords customers. My
Client Center acts as a master account where they can efficiently manage new
and existing AdWords accounts through one interface and login. With this
tool, they can manage their own accounts, as well as those of their clients.

– Learning Center: Includes dozens of self-paced training lessons that give
instruction on the most up-to-date AdWords information, including new Google
advertising products or features as they are released. Lesson categories
include “Getting Started with AdWords, Advanced Campaign Management, and
Making AdWords Your Business.”

– Logo: Google Advertising Professionals also offers participants the
ability to become a Qualified Google Advertising Professional. To become
qualified, participants must pass an annual proficiency exam and meet
several other basic program requirements. Once qualified, they will receive
a logo that confirms their status. These professionals can display this
logo on their website and marketing materials to showcase their experience
and expertise to new and existing customers.

Google Advertising Professionals is the first Google program of its kind,
and it reflects Google’s commitment to providing resources and tools that
further enhance the value of Google AdWords. For current advertisers seeking
assistance with their accounts Google Advertising Professionals will help
them identify the expertise they need.

Feel free to check out Google Advertising Professionals at If you have any
questions or would like to speak with someone from Google to hear more,
please let me know.

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