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Google Images: A Clever Fix

By - November 11, 2004

arafatRecall the earlier post about Google Images, which demonstrated that the index was rarely updated? Well, the folks at Google clearly were listening. When Sergey calls something embarrassing, something has to change. Now, when you query Google Images, you will see Google News images in your results. That’ll solve some of the problems, but it’s just a patch – news only archives 30 days, if memory serves. It’s quite clever, though.

Example: Arafat.

Thanks to Nathan for pointing to this.

Update: Google and others have pointed out that this has been happening since April and is not a reaction to recent events. My bad.

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5 thoughts on “Google Images: A Clever Fix

  1. Brian says:

    Google has something up their sleeve with their images. They made a change to their images bot on July 17th and have kept mum since then. Consider the traffic to my gallery since that time, with no inbound links and no advertising:

    Jul: 784
    Aug: 1898
    Sep: 2795
    Oct: 3534
    Nov: 1389 so far, 4000 by EOM

  2. Brian says:

    Sorry, I should specify, those are all referalls from GIS bot.

  3. Madan says:

    I have seen these kinds of results several times, before this so-called “embarrassment”.

    If it was a policy change then it should be happening to “Ashcroft” or “Tony Blair”. And results show that it is not.

    I guess all of us generally rush to defend Google whenever we can.

  4. I had a sneaking suscpicion this wasn’t in reaction to anything. Thanks, Phillip, I should have checked first.