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Findory Getting More Personal

By - November 19, 2004

findory.jpgGreg has the details on the ongoing improvements underway at Findory. From his post:

A couple weeks ago, Findory launched search history for web, news, and blog search. As I’ve said before, search history is not personalized search.

This week, Findory took our first step toward true personalized web search. In subtle and small ways, we are starting to modify web search results based on your history at

To see the impact, do a web search at Findory, then click on one or two of the search results, then do another search for something fairly similar. In cases where we believe we can help, we’ll modify and highlight some of the search results.

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One thought on “Findory Getting More Personal

  1. /pd says:

    I blogged a ThoughtFlick’r for you an Greg.