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Pattern Recognition

By - October 21, 2004

cover1_04I’m a William Gibson fan. Back at Wired, I even got to work with him a bit (this piece got us banned in Singapore, which was sort of our goal…). Gibson restarted his blog a week or so ago, and today he reports that Pattern Recognition, his latest novel, may well turn into a film by Peter Weir. Yippee! Finally, something to look forward to out of Hollywood!

But Gibson warns (perhaps remembering Johnny Mnemonic, which Keanu aside I actually rather liked…):

I should warn you, should you happen to bump into me in the meantime, that I don’t regard films of novels as being the ultimate form in which a novel may be lucky enough to manifest. I regard *the novel* as the ultimate form in which the novel manifests. And if I should suspect that you think otherwise, I’m liable to snap at you.

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  • Jason Dowdell

    The best part about books is they indirectly cause our minds to imagine and think about what we’re reading. Movies will never hold a candle to the power of the mind. SciFi books just do that more than others and in ways that help us problem solve real (technology)-world situations.