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Yahoo Local Is Live

By - October 03, 2004

The Beta tag is off, and the Local product, which has new interface features and many improvements driven from its limited beta period, is now live and integrated into the home page. I am on the Yahoo Local advisory council, an unpaid and informal group that Yahoo pinged for feedback during the process.

I’ll be prepping for Web 2.0 Monday, but Chris will have the scoop here.

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Om Finds Another Yahoo/Google Patent?

By - October 02, 2004

Over on his site Om finds a new patent in Yahoo’s arsenal that might have implications along the lines of the supposedly settled Yahoo/Google lawsuit. The patent Om found covers “displaying paid and unpaid listings on the results page after a search term is input.”

The settlement gave Google access to a whole bunch of Yahoo patents, but I am not sure if this one – US Patent # 6,704,727 – was part of the deal. I have already sent emails to the PR folks at these two fine companies, and probably would know more on Monday.

More News of Note

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Yes, I’m crushed by Web 2.0, but so much going on….

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