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Open Thread

By - October 06, 2004

In the tradition of Dan Gillmor, I’m going to ask that you readers comment on this post, and add a twist – how about you guys tell *me* what the news is? I’ll be in the haze of Web 2.0 all day, but I know big things are brewing, and I’ll check into this post. Go ahead, comment away! (You might start with the Google Print news – migod, as if A9 wasn’t enough reason to call Amazon a competitor…)

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7 thoughts on “Open Thread

  1. kate says:

    Here are the ones I have found so far today. For more info on the stories, see my blog, I usually post on the same kind of stories that John does.

    Google Book Search – Amazon released A9 and Google’s fighting back -

    Investor says No Google Browser – John Doerr seems to think that the rumors are wrong –

    AOL new ad campaign and logo – Trying to save the dying beast? –

    Enjoy! There might be more later … I’ll try to keep up with them, anything for John.

    LCG Online Marketing Blog

  2. Meta searcher has a linking policy, showing how clueless they are — more at my Google Blogoscoped:

  3. Mike says:

    I’ll add that co-founders Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer today launched a new company called JotSpot. The company’s aiming to bring application wikis to market. see BusinessWeek.

  4. What’s cool about all these news items, or most of em anyway, is they are all coming from the conference I’m co-hosting, in real time. Thanks, keep it up!

  5. Andy Beal says:

    There are rumors that John Battelle is wearing a jacket and tie today….we’re checking our sources. 😉

  6. Tony Gentile says:

    Yahoo’s news that Overture ads will now be available in RSS is notable in my book:

  7. MikeM says:

    FindWhat expands its relationship with Verizon’s SuperPages. Brings pay-per-call to a platform with nationwide reach.