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Open Thread

By - October 06, 2004

In the tradition of Dan Gillmor, I’m going to ask that you readers comment on this post, and add a twist – how about you guys tell *me* what the news is? I’ll be in the haze of Web 2.0 all day, but I know big things are brewing, and I’ll check into this post. Go ahead, comment away! (You might start with the Google Print news – migod, as if A9 wasn’t enough reason to call Amazon a competitor…)

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  • kate

    Here are the ones I have found so far today. For more info on the stories, see my blog, I usually post on the same kind of stories that John does.

    Google Book Search – Amazon released A9 and Google’s fighting back -

    Investor says No Google Browser – John Doerr seems to think that the rumors are wrong –

    AOL new ad campaign and logo – Trying to save the dying beast? –

    Enjoy! There might be more later … I’ll try to keep up with them, anything for John.

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  • Philipp Lenssen

    Meta searcher has a linking policy, showing how clueless they are — more at my Google Blogoscoped:

  • Mike

    I’ll add that co-founders Joe Kraus and Graham Spencer today launched a new company called JotSpot. The company’s aiming to bring application wikis to market. see BusinessWeek.

  • John Battelle

    What’s cool about all these news items, or most of em anyway, is they are all coming from the conference I’m co-hosting, in real time. Thanks, keep it up!

  • Andy Beal

    There are rumors that John Battelle is wearing a jacket and tie today….we’re checking our sources. ;-)

  • Tony Gentile

    Yahoo’s news that Overture ads will now be available in RSS is notable in my book:

  • MikeM

    FindWhat expands its relationship with Verizon’s SuperPages. Brings pay-per-call to a platform with nationwide reach.